The Carmine & Frank Mangini Foundation

Mini-Grant Recipients

Mini-Grant recipients



In the spring of 2019, we awarded 12 grants to teachers and coaches in support of various programs and classroom needs at schools like Bulkeley High School, the Hartford Special Olympics, Toquam Magnet Elementary School, and the Journalism & Media Academy. New technology like tablets, graphing calculators, and even a 3D printer will be purchased to further the learning of students.

  • Kaitlin Sullivan - Bulkeley High School - Materials to facilitate science experiments

  • Emily Fields - Toquam Magnet Elementary School - Materials to support a reading program

  • Daniella Sullivan - Great Path Academy - Tablets to support classroom learning

  • Djenne Mobley - Bulkeley High School - 3D printer to support an entrepreneurial course

  • Liza Nolan - Hartford Special Olympics - Transportation support to competitions

  • Belinda Perez - Bulkeley High School - Projector to facilitate math instruction

  • Jacqueline Rankin - Bulkeley High School - Tablets to support classroom learning

  • Marilyn Jack-Ortique - New Visions Program - Graphing calculators to support math instruction

  • MariAnne Lalama - HMTCA - Transportation support to assist with school attendance

  • Matthew Weiner - Hartford American Legion Baseball - Equipment support

  • Tiffany Blanchette - Journalism and Media Academy - Virtual reality headset to support the Empathy Project

  • Elizabeth Annino - Journalism and Media Academy - Reading and math software program


2019 Mini-grant recipient: daniella Sullivan

Great Path Academy
Tablets to support classroom learning


2019 Mini-grant recipient: marilyn jack-ortique

New Visions Program
Graphing calculators to support math instruction


2019 Mini-grant recipient: belinda perez

Bulkeley High School
Projector to facilitate math instruction



In the spring of 2018, we awarded 11 grants to teachers within the Hartford Public School district to support a variety of initiatives. Funds were used to purchase guided reading programs aiding in student’s development as well as Amazon Fire Tablets to be used as a technology center for both literacy and math lessons. Multiple grants specifically supported the RISE Academy, a program created by the Special Education Department to assist students with social, emotional, and behavioral needs offering a highly structured, alternative learning environment. Lastly, we donated to the Hartford American Legion Baseball team allowing players a unique opportunity to play at Dunkin Donuts Park, home of the Hartford Yard Goats.


elizabeth matthews -

hartford public

9th grade English and Advisory students

This mini grant allowed for the purchase of three laptops, used for research, writing, and reading activities in the classroom, and also improved students’ overall comfort level with technology. They are readily available everyday to help these students learn and succeed!

- 2018 Mini-Grant Recipient


tim cheever -

e.b. kennelly school

62+ middle school student athletes

Money was used to purchase equipment for soccer, basketball, baseball, and cross-country programs. These after-school, extended day sports programs help students live out the school motto - “Bee the change”.

- 2018 Mini-Grant Recipient

In the fall of 2018, we awarded 10 grants to the following causes, educators, and schools:

  • Elizabeth Matthews – HPHS – Facilitating learning through technology

  • Janice Fields – Wilbur Cross – Reading program

  • Leigh Lessard – HMTCA – Learning supplies to support PSAT preparation

  • Jared Lewis – HMTCA – Observatory hive for elective beekeeping course, assisting with math and science lessons

  • Christine Therkelsen – HMTCA – Athletic equipment to support physical education

  • Taylor Bacon – HMTCA – Graphing calculators to supplement students out of the classroom coursework in preparation for SAT/ACT

  • Cris Freer – Riverside Education Academy NHPS – Supplemental program that helps support students to obtain their learner’s permit

  • Kaitlyn Curran – HPHS – Facilitating learning through technology

  • Tim Cheever – E. B. Kennelly School – Athletic equipment to support physical education

  • Sterling Scanlon – Milner School – Athletic equipment to support physical education


In 2017, we donated to the Hartford Public High School Nursing Academy and Kennelly School Athletic Program. At Hartford Public High School, funds were used to allow them to stay after school for tutoring, resume building opportunities, club activities, and sports - without the worry about how to get home. At Kennelly School, our donation went to help fund the basketball and baseball/softball programs. Due to budget constraints, without the help of outside donations and fundraising, these programs, which are vital to students’ success, well-being and school pride, would not be able to survive. The grant money was used to pay for equipment, team uniforms, buses and fees for officials.  


In 2016, we donated to the Hartford American League Baseball. This league gives players the opportunity to play baseball, while also providing academic support and encouragement to ensure academic success, which put students in a position to be considered for playing in college. Funds for this season covered equipment, umpires' fees, and tournament expenses.


In 2015, we awarded mini-grants to the Hartford American League Baseball, Connecticut Juvenile Training Center-The Cady School, and an individual student. The money paid for American Legion league participation, in addition to equipment, umpires' fees, tournament expenses, and insurance for the Hartford American League Baseball. The  Conn. Juvenile Training Center is a community building space that fosters a sense of responsibility, pride, and work ethic in the kids placed there. The grant money helped them with organizing fundraisers for their community and allowed them to play football - giving the boys a true feeling of belonging.


In 2014, we awarded mini-grants to Bulkeley High School Athletics, the Connecticut Juvenile Training Center-The Cady School, the San Juan Center, and the Sport & Medical Sciences Academy. We granted over $600 to Bulkeley High School for their athletic program, supported the Connecticut Juvenile Training Center’s mission to build community and life skills for local youth, and donated to the San Juan Center for the second time (previously awarded in 2007). We also supported the SMSA football team, half of whose athletes live below the poverty line, by allocating the money towards purchasing HUDL, which gives the students the vital exposure to colleges and teams that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.


In 2013, we awarded mini-grants to the Sport & Medical Sciences Academy, the Hartford Police Athletic League, the Central Connecticut State University Athletic Training Program, and Bulkeley High School Historical Center. The Hartford Police Athletic League used the funds to further their work of providing athletic opportunities for under-resourced kids, while also fostering a connection between the community and their police force. The CCSU Athletic Training Program used the mini-grant to help students who could not afford to pay membership fees become a part of the National Athletic Trainers Association , which plays a key role in networking within the profession. It also helped them with professional development and helped further their education. The funds also covered transportation costs, allowing students to volunteer and provide medical care for youth sports camps. Finally, the mini-grants also supported Bulkeley High School’s Historical Center, which connects present and future BHS students together, inspires all students to achieve their goals, and instills confidence in them. In line with our own mission, each of these organizations were able to increase their impact and provide opportunities to kids who may not otherwise have them.  


In 2012, we donated to Bulkeley High School so that they could provide student-athletes the opportunity to take part in Baseball City’s baseball preseason training program. Funds went towards renting two batting cages and a cube for baseball-specific training from January to March. In addition to this, the school purchased the necessary equipment for students to participate in this training.


In 2011, we awarded a mini-grant to the Hartford Knights Youth Football & Cheer group. This program supports its 153 student-athletes off the field by providing a classroom program for those who have less than a 2.0 grade point average, although the majority have a higher GPA. In their inaugural season, the Hartford Knights Unlimited A team went undefeated, winning the Pop Warner New England Regional championship with a final score of 33-0. Their Mighty Mites team only lost one game, and their Pee Wee team only lost three games, with both teams winning their respective bowl games. In total, the Hartford Knights Football program earned five trophies across three teams. Our donation paid for blocking dummies, tackle dummies, rope ladders, training equipment, water coolers, practice jerseys and clinics, to name a few. Similar to our own mission, the Hartford Knights organization hopes that any athlete who goes to high school and plays for the Hartford Knights Youth Football & Cheer organization is able to make the grade, participate in high school sports, exceed both on and off the field, and has the opportunity to seek post secondary education.

2009 & 2010

In 2009 and 2010, we awarded mini-grants to Benjamin Franklin’s PTA, Billings Sports, Dattco Bus Company, Child Craft School Specialty, the Hartford Passing League, and Bulkeley High School Athletics. The Benjamin Franklin PTA, hailing all the way from Cleveland, Ohio, used its grant to ensure that every child at the school left its book fair with two books, regardless of whether or not they could afford it. We also donated to Child Craft School Specialty to purchase a colorful alphabet rug along with bean bags so that students can have a place to congregate and work while in the classroom during the day or while receiving extra help in the afternoon.