2018 mini-grant recipients

In the spring of 2018, we awarded 11 grants to teachers within the Hartford Public School district to support a variety of initiatives. Funds were used to purchase guided reading programs aiding in student’s development as well as Amazon Fire Tablets to be used as a technology center for both literacy and math lessons. Multiple grants specifically supported the RISE Academy, a program created by the Special Education Department to assist students with social, emotional, and behavioral needs offering a highly structured, alternative learning environment. Lastly, we donated to the Hartford American Legion Baseball team allowing players a unique opportunity to play at Dunkin Donuts Park, home of the Hartford Yard Goats.

In the fall of 2018, we awarded 10 grants to the following causes, educators, and schools:

  • Elizabeth Matthews – HPHS – Facilitating learning through technology

  • Janice Fields – Wilbur Cross – Reading program

  • Leigh Lessard – HMTCA – Learning supplies to support PSAT preparation

  • Jared Lewis – HMTCA – Observatory hive for elective beekeeping course, assisting with math and science lessons

  • Christine Therkelsen – HMTCA – Athletic equipment to support physical education

  • Taylor Bacon – HMTCA – Graphing calculators to supplement students out of the classroom coursework in preparation for SAT/ACT

  • Cris Freer – Riverside Education Academy NHPS – Supplemental program that helps support students to obtain their learner’s permit

  • Kaitlyn Curran – HPHS – Facilitating learning through technology

  • Tim Cheever – E. B. Kennelly School – Athletic equipment to support physical education

  • Sterling Scanlon – Milner School – Athletic equipment to support physical education


2018 mini-grant recipient:

Tim Cheever

E.B. Kennelly School

62+ middle school student athletes

Money was used to purchase equipment for soccer, basketball, baseball, and cross-country programs. These after-school, extended day sports programs help students live out the school motto - “Bee the change”.


2018 mini-grant recipient:

Elizabeth Matthews

Hartford Public

9th grade English and Advisory students

This mini grant allowed for the purchase of three laptops, used for research, writing, and reading activities in the classroom, and also improved students’ overall comfort level with technology. They are readily available everyday to help these students learn and succeed!