Our mission is to create opportunities for under-resourced kids by providing experiences that will unlock their true potential and provide optimism about the possibilities beyond their borders.

The Carmine and Frank Mangini Foundation (CFM) is a non-profit organization based out of Hartford, Connecticut.  Since it was established in 2002, the Foundation has awarded more than $250,000 in computer scholarships, mini grants and capital improvement projects. As an organization, we have always been committed to limiting our expenses and maximizing the effectiveness of all the generous contributions from supporters of the Foundation. 


Our vision is to provide the highest impact to the communities we support and to never turn away a child in need. We will work selflessly to break down socioeconomic barriers for youth and bring people together for a better future.

The CFM is made up of a diverse group of volunteers who share a common belief that kids want to do the right thing but are too often left without the opportunities to make positive life choices. The CFM is taking on the responsibility to help students from all backgrounds through fundraising efforts that fund various scholarships, mini-grants, and other community projects. The Foundation’s most successful fundraising effort is an annual one-day football fundamentals camp which boasts over 7000 student athlete participants as well as thousands of volunteers such as NFL and college coaches and trainers, as well as volunteers from various communities. The camp is not only an opportunity for student athletes to improve their football skills, but more importantly to work with positive role models who stress the importance of education, sportsmanship and hard work.

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