If I had the opportunity to do high school over again, I would help many of the people struggling and push them to do better while focusing on some of my weak points and making them stronger to therefore do my best.

Will attend Southern Connecticut State University

zinodene stewart

Despite not knowing American English when Zinodene Stewart moved to the United States, he worked hard in English Language Learners classes and was able to regain his confidence in the classroom. His work ethic and confidence resulted in a wildly successful high school career; he received an honor roll certificate each marking period, was president of the National Honors Society and graduated with a 3.7 GPA at Hartford Public High School.

While in high school, Zinodene discovered his love of football and perfected his craft. He remarks that at one point, he did not even know how to run a route or catch a football, but ultimately went on official visits at Temple University and the University of Connecticut which are both Division 1 schools. He even won an MVP trophy at a football camp he went to, standing out against hundreds of athletes, because he demonstrated leadership and sportsmanship.

In the fall, Zinodene will attend Southern Connecticut State University where he will major in Business.