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Win Paw

“Now no matter what situation I am going to deal with, I will not quit.”

Win Paw attended Hartford Public High School Law and Government Academy. She was accepted into a program called Junior Achievement, which helps students find jobs that align with their best abilities. This brought Win to the Hartford Public Library where she assisted English learners as they worked to become fluent in the language. This experience not only helped Win learn English herself, but it also gave her global experience and cultural competence from working with people from around the world. Win grew up in Burma and cites learning how to write the Karen language as her greatest accomplishment. Learning the language in just a week, Win was then able to learn more about her own culture.

Next year, Win will be attending the University of Saint Joseph to study nursing. However, this will not be her first college experience. Win participated in the ConnCAP program which is a program on the University of Connecticut’s campus that allows high school students to earn college credit. Although this is a challenging program, Win persevered and proved to herself that she will never quit.