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Tiana Starks

“Being able to smile and stay positive helped me get through all of the negative aspects of my life.”

Tiana Starks is a strong individual who has not let anything get in the way of her success. With an unflappable and positive attitude, she has been able to reach great heights. Her success has been demonstrated in numerous ways, including her permanent spot on the high honor roll at Global Communications Academy and her full scholarship to Trinity College where she plans to study psychology. Tiana is also the salutatorian of her graduating class. She participates in student government and is an ambassador to Capital Community College and the University of Connecticut’s Health Center Opportunity Program. She has been described as talented, dependable and focused. Tiana is a reliable person who has also served as a role model to those around her. She volunteers to help younger kids on the H2O Water Project which raises money for wells around the world. Tiana wants to continue giving back as she grows up and hopes to one day renovate an abandoned building and create a safe space for people with mental disabilities or other problems in their life so that they can come together and support one another.