This had made me feel I could accomplish anything, and it is the proudest thing that I have ever done, not only because I had done my father proud, but also because it had opened my mind for the better. After this incident, I became much more daring and my father’s words continued to strengthen me in my academic endeavors.

Will attend the University of Saint Joseph

su meh

When Su Meh was twelve years old, her family moved from Thailand to Hartford, CT. Su Meh and her family did not know English very well, and they did not know anyone in the United States. Hoping to make her father proud, Su studied English diligently; she read books out loud to practice pronunciation not understanding their meaning, watched corresponding movies for comprehension, and always kept a dictionary by her side during her weekly trips to the library. All of the hard work she put in ultimately led her to graduate from the Law and Government Academy from Hartford Public Schools with a 4.267 GPA. While a student there, she worked with Karen refugee elders to help them gain citizenship, translating English to Burmese. Su wants to become a nurse after she graduates college, a career she is perfect for, because of her ability to care for and respect others.

In the fall, Su will be studying nursing at the University of Saint Joseph.