All of these challenges have made me a stronger leader. Leaders have to know how to help people prioritize their time and their own and they need to know how to persevere through challenges and recognize being overwhelmed. These new revelations/ lessons, even though challenging, have had a positive impact on my future aspirations and resolve to achieve my goals.

Will attend the University of Connecticut

sanya hewitt

While at Bulkeley High School, Sanya Hewitt got involved with everything she had the opportunity to try. From a challenging, college level course load to countless clubs, Sanya knew how to keep busy. She was a member of Key Club (the community service club), Student Council, Band, the volleyball team, Moot Court (which is similar to mock trial), and Junior Apprentice. As a member of these groups, she gave back to her community frequently and supported events such as the Hartford Marathon, the Breast Cancer Walk and Taste of Bulkeley. Despite all of her extra curricular demands, Sanya still was a devoted student; she graduate with a 3.52 GPA and was in the top of her class. Ultimately, she plans to run her own non-profit that will help kids attend college and get them involved in their governments and that supports and empowers women. She has already made an impact on her community so far, but it is clear that guided by these goals, Sanya will lead many more in a better direction and leave a positive mark on their lives.

Next year, Sanya will be attending the University of Connecticut to major in Finance and minor in Marketing. She chose UConn specifically because of its eco-conscious campus and the importance it places on volunteering. After UConn, Sanya hopes to get her MBA in Finance and one day become a business development manager.