Nicholas Furlow

“Those qualities and skills of mine are something I want to nurture and build so that I may apply them to other communities, and make many more changes.”

Nicholas Furlow has taken advantage of every opportunity that has come his way. Sometimes, he even creates opportunities where no one else can see them. Nicholas interned for the Grow Hartford Youth Program where he worked for improving food access and justice in the Hartford area. In addition to making an impact on the community through the work he did at Grow Hartford, Nicholas also gained vital presentation and networking skills that he continues to perfect today. He has used these skills to determine what changes his peers wanted to see in their school. After surveying the student body and talking with his peers, Nicholas presented his findings about a desired change in the dining program to the food director of Hartford Public Schools. The result was a happier, healthier student body.

Nicholas graduated seventh in his class at Pathways Academy of Technology and Design. Next year, he will continue to seek out and seize all opportunities that come his way at the University of Connecticut where he will be studying management information systems.