During my four years at Bulkeley, I have probably achieved more than I can think of at the moment, but one factor that remains throughout all of them is that they make me a very well rounded student... This is to fulfill my main aspiration of tearing down the stereotypes that surrounded me as I grew up in Hartford. To prove that no matter where you come from, everyone faces hardships and anyone can make it out.

Will attend the University of Connecticut

Merceda mcclain

This is not Merceda McClain’s first time being recognized as an “MVP.” At Bulkeley High School, she was captain and MVP of her volleyball team. In addition to this, Merceda has proven herself to be valuable to her school, community and family in countless ways. She represented the state of Connecticut on Moot Court which is similar to mock trial, won first place in the University of Saint Joseph’s essay writing contest, and the Saint Anselm Book Award. While at Bulkeley High School, she earned a 3.86 GPA and was sixth in her class.

Most impressively, Merceda and a friend won $100,000 for their idea “Heat the Heart of Hartford” in Hartford’s Participatory Budgeting Program. This money will go to installing heaters in bus stops in Central Downtown Hartford, and will make a huge difference in making sure everyone who uses those areas is warm during the winter. Her impact will be felt for a long time, and this idea and solution have made her valuable to the Hartford community and everyone using those bus stops.

Merceda will continue to proudly represent Hartford at the University of Connecticut in the fall where she will major in Philosophy with the ultimate goal of getting a law degree.