It is my dream to return to the refugee camp and provide affordable education to the refugees so that they have the same opportunities that I have had in the United States. Some people say that this dream is crazy. They wonder why I would ever go back if I could get a higher paying job here. But why wouldn’t I, when I can go back to the place where I come from, the place I call home and give other children an opportunity to learn just like me? With family support and personal courage, I know I will make this dream a reality.

Will attend Central Connecticut State University

Ma pan

Ma Pan graduated from the Hartford Public Schools Law and Government Academy with a 3.62 GPA. Her education has been the most important thing to her, and she hopes to be a teacher and return to Thailand to teach students who do not always receive educational opportunities. Growing up in a refugee camp in Thailand herself, Ma is motivated to give back to that community. She also plays an important role in her own family, working a part time job to support her family and helping a close friend gain U.S. citizenship by translating for him. On top of her stellar academics and family commitments, Ma still takes time to volunteer and give back to the Hartford community.

Next year, she will continue her educational journey and work to become a teacher at Central Connecticut State University.