After being employed at the Mayor’s Office of Community Engagement and a volunteer at the White and Yellow Cross Foundation as well as the National Honor Society, I surely agree that giving back to the community helps the person who is receiving but it shapes the one giving.

Will attend the University of Connecticut

kacey harris

Kacey Harris thrives off of the work she does for her community. Whether she is giving back and volunteering or playing on a sports team, Kacey has noted that everyone she meets makes an impression on her life. Her openness to those around her and desire to help them have not only given her direction, but also made the world around her a better place. She worked for the Mayor’s Office of Community Engagement where she learned a lot about what makes a community. She listened to what those around her wanted to improve and realized that no matter where, people care about the area they live in and want to make it better. She also helped the community through this position by organizing back to school items and making sure that students had them for the upcoming year. Kacey also volunteered at the White and Yellow Cross Foundation in St. Maarten which is a nursing home. She learned to understand the needs of the people living there and her work boosted her confidence and her desire to help. In addition to the impact she has on others, Kacey is proud of her academic accomplishments. Coming from a family that values education greatly, Kacey diligently kept up with the demands of a rigorous course load and earned a 3.7 GPA and was eighth in her class at Bulkeley High School.

Next year, she will be attending the University of Connecticut to major in pre-pharmacy because she wants to give back to hospitals in the Hartford after spending a lot of time there when she was younger due to asthma.