I am proud of myself, especially because I did not give up, or fail those who believe in me.

Will attend the University of Connecticut

jahneil clarke

In 2015, Jahneil Clarke left Jamaica with her dad. Overcoming language and cultural barriers, Jahneil’s confidence in the classroom grew. She felt more and more a part of her Bulkeley High School community, but still maintained her strong connection to and pride in her Jamaican identity. At Bulkeley, she earned a 3.8 GPA and was in the top ten of her graduating class. She took AP classes, Early College Experience classes and honors level classes, and was still on the highest honor roll throughout all four years and was a member of the National Honor Society. Jahneil played on the varsity soccer team, was a Junior Apprentice, and worked for the Hartford Yard Goats Youth Ambassador Program. In addition to all of this, she still managed to rack up 64.4 community service hours. Jahneil also participated in the University of Connecticut’s ConnCAP Program during her summers which earned her three college credits and prepared her for college life.

Next year, Jahneil will continue her work at the University of Connecticut where she plans to major in business.