Jasmin Lugo

“Everybody wants a change, but so very few are willing to make it, but I am determined to model through my actions and words just what amazing things can happen when people help each other.”

Jasmin Lugo’s volunteer work began when she was an elementary school student in Peru. Now, as a graduate of Bulkeley High School, Jasmin has given back to the Hartford area. She has volunteered at the Hartford Marathon, tutored at Saturday School, and participated in American Red Cross blood drives and toy drives. Jasmin not only enjoys giving back, but also sees her volunteer work as a potential career path. She is interested in coordinating a non-profit organization that unites people so that they can work together to solve the problems of different communities. This dream, along with Jasmin’s quote above, prove her collaborative and caring spirit.     

Jasmin is also a very dedicated student. Graduating second in her class, Jasmin will be attending the University of Connecticut in the fall. She pays her education forward by teaching younger kids. Jasmin is in a teacher prep program where she learns techniques that teachers use in the classroom. She also worked with seventh grade students, making and implementing her own lesson plan in their classroom. Finally, Jasmin accomplished a goal of reading fifty books to a preschool classroom, despite the fact that English is not her first language.