Reaching out to others and helping in whatever form I could is something I always looked forward to.

Will attend the University of Connecticut

ferhana tamanna

Despite struggling with reading Arabic at first, Ferhana Tamanna tenaciously kept trying. She started Sunday School at the Islamic Center of Community when she was in sixth grade and was one of the oldest kids in the class, but that did not deter her. Ferhana caught up with other kids her age and eventually ended up being a teaching assistant at the same sunday school. She has worked there for over five years, taking care of the kids, getting them the supplies they need and substituting for teachers. In addition to her devotion to her religious community, Ferhana also played a big role in her school community. She earned a 4.0 GPA at Manchester High School and was sixth in her class. She was a member of the Young Women’s Leadership Group, National Honor Society and Help Everyone Respect Others, which is a group that teaches kids about bullying prevention. She also volunteers at Manchester Manor every summer where she works with elders by organizing recreational activities.

In the fall, Ferhana will be attending the University of Connecticut where she will major in allied health. She has already taken a course at Manchester Community College to become a Certified Nursing Assistant so that she can begin her work in the healthcare field as soon as possible.