People often say hard work pays off and I know that my hard work will lead to success in college. I continue to be strong and with the help of my parents I will keep moving forward and accomplish my dreams.

Will attend Central Connecticut State University

christina ingram

Christina Ingram, her siblings and her mother, moved from Jamaica in 2010 in order to escape violence and receive better educational opportunities. Unfortunately, however, they not only had to say goodbye to their home country, but Christina also had to say goodbye to her dad who did not have a Visa. Since arriving in the United States, Christina has taken advantage of every opportunity thrown her way. Spending a lot of time in the local library over the last seven years, Christina has developed relationships with many of the librarians and even helps them during events. She brings her siblings every day and often encourages friends to come along. Christina has also taken advantage of taking an EMT class. She also meets with her college adviser in the Career Beginnings program at her school frequently. This determination and ability to seek help are two of her greatest strengths, and it is no wonder that Christina has graduated fifth in her class at the Hartford Public High School Nursing Academy.

Next year, Christina will be attending Central Connecticut State University to study biology and nursing, in order to follow her dream of becoming in a nurse. This dream is influenced by her desire to give back to her community and potentially save lives.