I make it a priority to spread positivity and work to dismantle violent systems in my community.

Will attend Central Connecticut State University

Alejandra diaz

Alejandra Diaz is made to be a teacher. She realized this after working with kids between the ages of six and ten at different summer camps, and will return to her community to teach. In addition to being a future teacher, Alejandra was also an exemplary student at Hartford Public High School, graduating in the top ten of her class with a 3.5 GPA. Her quote above best exemplifies why Alejandra will make a great teacher. Her message of positivity and safety will foster a great space for students to learn, and it is clear that the lessons Alejandra plans to teach will be relevant outside of the classroom. After a terrifying event on the bus when she was a young girl, Alejandra had to overcome a lot. She took her healing process a bit further and worked on the Violence In Our Lives Project which works to understand why violence exists and works to prevent it in people’s lives. She joined this project as a member of the Connecticut Youth Forum and is able to lead and help her community through her work with the group.

Next year, Alejandra will be studying elementary education at Central Connecticut State University.