2019 MVP scholarship winners

The Carmine & Frank Mangini Foundation is proud to announce that sixteen students from the Hartford area have received the Foundation’s MVP Scholarship.

These students were chosen based on academics, extracurricular achievements, and a strong commitment to community service, as well as their acceptance to college. These students must also demonstrate a high level of character and determination to succeed. The MVP awards were awarded in the month of June based on the CFM application process and the decision of the selection committee. The scholarship consists of a new laptop, software package, and backpack.

Congratulations to our scholars! 

Nathan Walker - Culinary Arts Academy at Weaver High School

Jordan Wallace - CREC Civic Leadership High School

Tristan Lamothe-Goda - Hartford Public High School Law and Government Academy

Angela Diaz - Bulkeley High School

Eleyce Patterson - Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy

Adeena Myrie - Hartford Public High School

Frances Reyes - Hartford Public High School Law and Government

TaJan’e Thompson - Capital Community College Magnet Academy

Eunice Asante - Journalism and Media Academy

Anthony Vela - Sport and Medical Sciences Academy

Jenika Carrillo - Sport and Medical Sciences Academy

D'Ziyah Mitchell - Hartford Public High School

Jasmine Jara - Hartford Public High School Nursing Academy

Oluwabusayo Babalola - Classical Magnet

Kamrun Nahar - Warren Harding High School 

Yoel Veras Cerda - Bulkeley High School

Wenesha Stewart - Hartford Public High School