2019 winners

7 on 7 tournament

*East Division: New York Giants
Coached by: SanJay Lal (WR Coach, Dallas Cowboys)

*North Division: Baltimore Ravens
Coached by: Tony Bonito (Head Coach, Prince Tech HS) and Travis Meyer (Coach, Five-Star Quarterbacks)

*South Division: Atlanta Falcons
Coached by: Lamar Kennedy (Head Coach, Wilby HS) and Andre Lawrence (Linebacker, Boston College)

*West Division: Los Angeles Rams
Coached by: Drew Blythe (Assistant Coach, Platt HS) and Matthew Russell (OL Coach, American International College)

*SEC Division: Tennessee Volunteers
Coached by: Shawn Campbell (Wide Receiver, UMass) and Joseph Farrah (Assistant Coach, Bulkeley HS)

*Big 12 Division: Oklahoma Sooners
Coached by: Roger Pearl (Assistant Coach, Granby Memorial HS) and Tevin Williams (Assistant Coach, Hartford Public HS)

the Coach Graham Martin MVP Award winners

Nigel Bello, 8th Grade, East Hartford Middle School
Tarik Hetmyer, Junior, New Britain HS
Ryan Hoefle, Junior, Stafford HS
Raiden Mcdade, 8th Grade, Bloomfield HS
Joshua Shervington, Sophomore, Curtis HS
Deaven Tanner, Junior, Platt HS
Joseph Thorpe, Susan E. Wagner HS
Vasilios Tsipouras, Sophomore, Wethersfield HS
Darrion Williams, Freshman, East Hartford HS

notable players

Sean Bedsley, Senior, Hamden HS
Malik Bennett, Sophomore, East Hartford HS
Logan Briggs, Freshman, Stafford HS
James Carroll, Freshman, Commerce HS
Dahiel Chmielecki, Sophomore, Hamden HS
Jadyn Fleeting, Sophomore, Windsor HS
Seth Morris, Sophomore, Platt HS
Tyree Nelson, Freshman, Stamford HS
Patryk Pupkowski, Junior, New Britain HS
David Smith, Junior, Springfield Central HS