Our mission is simple:  To create opportunities for under-resourced kids. We believe that young people with the resources, mentors and opportunity to maximize their education will make positive choices.

The Carmine and Frank Mangini Foundation (CFM) is a non-profit organization located in Hartford, Connecticut.  Since it was created in 2002, the foundation has awarded more than $250,000 in computer scholarships, mini grants to educators and capital improvement projects.  Our annual football camp has over 7000 kids take part as well as thousands of coaches and volunteers.  The camp is an opportunity for kids to improve their football skills as well as work with positive role models who stress the importance of education, sportsmanship and hard work.

As an organization, we have always been committed to limiting our expenses so that any money that is donated will go directly to the foundation’s programs.  CFM is made up of a diverse group of volunteers who believe that kids want to do the right thing and it is the foundation's responsibility to help them achieve that goal.

The 2016 Fundamentals Football Camp is on June 4th.  
Don’t miss your opportunity to participate.